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Essence of Life  Christian Church is a Bible-believing, truth proclaiming Spirit-filled Church where anointed preaching and worship will make a difference in your life!

To magnify and exalt the Lord Jesus Christ is the main focus of all we do and say at Essence of Life  Christian Church. To those living in a society that has cut itself adrift from its spiritual moorings, and are searching for a safe harbor , we offer a real  and true encounter with the Lord Jesus as we lift Him up in every aspect of our Church.

At Essence of Life Christian Church  we strive to make a positive difference in the families of our community by providing “a place of spirit-filled worship for this generation!” As you join us in the spiritual atmosphere common to our weekly services, you will be assured that the omnipotent God of heaven and earth is present for those who come hungry and thirsty for a dynamic “turn-around” for their lives.

Those entering the doors of Essence of Life, for the first time, soon discover that Jesus Christ is the center of our attention. Psalms 34:3 could be called the theme of our gathering: “O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt His Name together.”

As Pastor of  Essence of Life Christian Church of Longmont, I extend to you and your family a  warm heartfelt welcome. Come Join with us for a true life-changing experience.

Pastor Will Adams


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