Welcome to Essence of Life Apostolic Church!

Thank you for sharing your time with us! Whatever it is that brought you to our website, it is no doubt that you are here for a purpose. Perhaps you were just curious, or perhaps you are facing a desperate situation for which you need clear direction and answers. We have the answer for whatever problems you might be facing.

At Essence of Life Apostolic Church, you will find genuine heart-felt worship and people that truly care about you! You will find precious life-changing  preaching and teaching  in an atmosphere that encourages you to live life in Christ to the fullest with no regrets. This accompanies a  true spirit of unity and faith among our church.

We  we would be honored for you to join us in service this week. You will be  welcomed by the members of our church and are  sure that you will be blessed by your attendance to Essence of Life Apostolic Church.



Real Truth,Real Power, Real Blessings, Real Hope, Real Love, Real Faith, Right Now.